Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FREE Box of Gano Healthy Coffee

More For Me Monday's Special
Affiliates!....For every two boxes of your favorite products you buy, Gano Excel will give you a third box absolutely free! What's more is that all three boxes come with full Gano Rewards points! Learn More. You'll enjoy the lowest possible price (affiliate autoship) regardless of your autoship status and full volume on the two boxes you pay for. Find out how to become an affiliate here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Healthy Coffee Samples

Be sure to purchase your "Healthy Coffee Sample Credits"
This will be one of the best ways to promote your Gano Excel
Business. The company will mail out sample coffee and information
to your potential customers. You can manage the mailings from your
Gano Excel back office. Listen to Tony Potter's presentation and
you'll quickly see how this will fit quite nicely into your
Gano Excel Marketing endevours.

Get Ready for A Gano Growth Spurt!

There's great things in store for Gano
Excel members so get ready for a growth
spurt in your "Healthy Coffee Business.

Gano Excel is the world's forerunner in
Reishi based coffee and other products and
wants to keep that top position.

The company is planning a "re-launch"
in just a few week's time.

Get ready for a whole new way to
market your Healthy Coffee Business
with state of the art training systems,
new leadership, a new corporate
website and blog and last but not
least....Healthy Coffee sample
packages that the company will
mail out to your potential customers
that can be managed via your Gano Excel
back office.

Now's the time to get into this lucrative
home business. Take a free tour here and
contact me if you have any questions.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gano Excel Home Business Information Calls

Gano Excel Opportunity Presentation

Thursday Evenings
6:25 Pacific
9:25 Eastern
(512) 879-2169
PIN 893101#

If you need immediate help with your "Healthy Coffee" questions, you can usually find me available on Skype. If not, use our "contact us" page here.

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Dan McCormick Recorded Call

Dan McCormick is a personal friend and mentor of David Moses. David is one of the top distributors in Gano Excel, "The Healthier Coffee Company". David credits a great deal of his success in Network Distribution to Dan McCormick. Dan is not only an accomplished Networker...He is also a published author and trainer who has appeared before many distinguished audiences both in and outside of the industry.

If you missed the Gano Excel training call on Saturday, it has been recorded and published below for you to listen to. Find out what Dan shares about his success in the networking industry.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't Miss this Gano Excel Training Call

Gano Excel "Healthy" Coffee Training Call

What do most accomplished professionals have in common... whether they be Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Kobe Bryant, or any other great individual?


MARK YOUR CALENDARS THIS Saturday June 7th to learn from one of the industries leading coaches!

Training Call with Dan McCormick

Saturday June 7th, 2008
9:55 AM PST / 12:55 PM EST
Phone : (512) 879-2169
Pin : 893101#

Dan McCormick was invited to his first network marketing opportunity at the age 19, and by age 21 he had earned his first Million Dollars and today has earned over $20 Million in this industry. To this day he remains a multiple six figure monthly income earner and has coached countless people on how to create and maintain prosperity. I met Dan in 1993 and through his gifted talent for teaching the fundamentals of prosperity, much of my success can be attributed to his influence.

An author, trainer, extraordinaire network marketing super Guru, and father of four, Dan is surely somebody you want to meet. On this Saturday’s Gano Excel training call, Dan will be sharing some of his most powerful and inspiring lessons that he learned and continues to teach to this day. Fundamentals learned through coaches like Dan will surely catapult your career and level of expertise to the next level… Setting your “sail” for success.

Be sure to invite your top business candidates to this call, and ensure your entire team attends.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Recapping Gano Excel's Recent updates

Fred Hodgin's Team Call Tonight

Monday June 2nd 8:55 PM EST

TEL (512) 879-2169; PIN 893101#
This will be about ½ hour just before Moses' webinar.

David Moses and the virtual tour of Gano Excel Malaysia's
new MEGA facility that will support over one billion in annual sales by the year 2015.

Tonight, Monday June 2, 2008
6:55 PM Pacific/9:55 PM Eastern

Phone #: (512) 879-2169
Pin : 893101#

(follow instructions on the site)


Fred is doing the next opportunity call.
Income opportunity Call

THURSDAY June 5th 9:25 PM EST
TEL (512) 879-2169
Pin : 893101#

FIVE X Promotion

extra 20% on sales volume in June.
Also..300 extra PV's gets you into the pool
for a chance to win $500 in products.


Smart Start

New affiliates/wholesale customers
get products for autoship price if buy
at least 30 Pv's/month on autoship

get gano points with that as well.

the $30 affiliate membership is waved.
Get a start up kit with it.
plus 60 days of complimentary access to Gano Excel’s powerful Premium Back Office!

Note: June 7th. This is when both the Smart Start
Enrollment program and the FIVE X support tools will be available
through Gano Excel's backoffice.

A promotional flyer and enrollment form is available in PDF. In case you didn't get them, email me at: info.healthycoffee@yahoo.com

(after that they might continue the promo but with 50 pv's/month. We'll know more later on)
If you need immediate help with your "Healthy Coffee" questions, you can usually find me available on Skype. If not, use our "contact us" page here.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Healthy Coffee Business Opportunity Call

Don't miss the Gano Excel Home Business Opportunity Live Call

Thursday, June 5th

6:25 Pacific
9:25 Eastern
(512) 879-2169
PIN 893101#

New Gano Promotion

The multiplier has been set at 5X! Now, the "jackpot" is up to you! Make no mistake... Gano Excel's new "FIVE X" promotion has absolutely nothing to do with "chance" but rather everything to do with your efforts and an exciting set of incentives.

Running through the month of June 2008 is Gano Excel's FIVE X promotion that awards an additional 20% payout on New AutoShip Volume generated from affiliates and customers you personally-enroll into Gano Excel. The additional 20% earned through the FIVE X promotion turns what would normally be a 5% commission on your first-level affiliate AutoShip volume to an amazing 25% payout on that same volume! But what about customers? Are you into a "customer first" approach? No problem! Enjoy an extra 20% payout on any New AutoShip Volume created through your customers as well!

AutoShip is AutoShip and Gano Excel wants to help you and your team build a solid, stable, and dynamic organization around perpetual volume. The playing field has been leveled and everyone has equal opportunity to earn big under the FIVE X promotion. Are you up to the challenge?

For those affiliates that generate 300PV in New AutoShip Volume during the month of June 2008, you will be eligible to receive $500 of complimentary Gano Excel products of your choice! Of the eligible candidates, Gano Excel will be randomly selecting five lucky affiliates as the winners! You've got to be crazy to pass-up the chance at this $500 in complimentary product!

Smart Start Enrollment Package Guarantees a "One-Two Punch"

Did you know that the "FIVE X" promotion has a sidekick? Its name is the "Smart Start Enrollment Package"! This dynamic duo arms you with the tools and the incentive to grow your organization with such ease that it almost feels like you're cheating!

The Smart Start Enrollment Package has been designed to minimize and overcome absolutely any objections that past, present, or future prospects might express about becoming an affiliate of Gano Excel. With the Smart Start Enrollment Package, prospects pay no affiliation fee and receive a complimentary Starter Kit simply by enrolling with a 30PV or more AutoShip commitment. Since your prospects are taking the "Smart" route and enlisting in AutoShip as their first step in joining with Gano Excel, they immediately enjoy AutoShip pricing on all of their orders and start earning Gano Rewards Points with their very first order! Guess what else... You as the enroller also enjoy Gano Rewards Referral Points on their very first order! They win and you win bigger! Oh! And we almost forgot. The Smart Start Enrollment Package comes with 60 days of complimentary access to Gano Excel's powerful Premium Back Office!

But, but, but...

How many "buts" have you encountered when attempting to share the power of Gano Excel's AutoShip with your prospects? Who knows, there may even still be a "big but" preventing you from enlisting in AutoShip with Gano Excel. We promise not to pass any judgment at yours or anyone's choice to not participate in Gano Excel's AutoShip Program, but we've got to ask. Were you aware that you're missing out on:

* Enjoying Gano Excel's lowest price on all products
* Earning valuable Gano Rewards Points on all AutoShip purchases entitling you to free products of your choosing
* Being awarded more Gano Rewards Points for sharing the power of AutoShip with your prospects

Whatever the "but" may be, we've probably heard it before. What "buts" have you encountered? How did you address them? If you're interested in learning what some of the "buts" are that we hear quite often and how we address them we've compiled a list of common AutoShip concerns for your reference that you can access below.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Healthy Coffee Skypecast

Join us every Wednesday Evening.
Live Healthy Coffee Skypecast.

Interested in Health Enhancing and Anti-Aging Coffee? Want to get energized? sleep better? build your immune system? detoxify? and perform better? Find out more about our delicious "healthy" coffee. Healthy Coffee home business information and Gano Affiliate support too!

Quietly listen in or actively participate at our informal "live" Q & A meeting @ 8:00 pm ET every Wednesday evening.
Join us live here.
Get your Healthy Coffee product and/or business opportunity questions answered. Plenty of support for our Gano Excel affiliates or "wanna be's."